20 Fascinating Beauty Tips | Get Glowing Skin

Today, I’ve made a list of 20 Fascinating Beauty Tips to get you skin glowing like never before! You need to include these tips in your day to day life, immediately!! You’ll see & feel remarkable difference in your appearance. These tips are really easy to follow too!

  1. Use Cinnamon oil for fuller lips! Just a little bit is enough.
  2. NEVER go out without applying sunscreen. Even in winters. Yes, you heard me. Just because its cloudy out there doesn’t mean the sun has disappeared. The rays are not as strong but they will nevertheless harm your skin if you go out there without applying sunscreen.
  3. Follow a consistent skincare routine.
  4. Use Vaseline as a wrinkle cream.
  5. Wash your face daily before going to bed. Removing every bit of makeup before going to bed is very important. (If you’re a lazy bum like me just keep some makeup removing wipes on your bedside table for days you’re too tired to go through the whole night-time routine.)
  6. Wipe your face with Rose Water every morning and evening. Use this instead of your toner.
  7. Use castor oil for naturally longer and thicker eyelashes and eyebrows.
  8. Include yogurt in your daily diet. 54% of people who have acne experiece lesser breakouts when they consume probiotics such as yogurt.
  9. DO NOT scrub your face vigourously. Trust me, it’ll damage your skin in the long run.
  10. Introduce natural oils in your skincare routine. I prefer Olive Oil as Coconut oil can clog pores if used generously.
  11. Drink 1 tbsp of Apple Cider vinegar daily. Even the most famous Huda Kattan raves about this natural product.
  12. If you love taking hot showers just make sure to turn the shower setting to cold before you get out. This’ll close your pores and makes you less likely to get acne.
  13. Start using headphones while talking on your cellphones. Cellphones will accumulate all your skin’s oils and then deposit them back which as you can read is not a good thing.
  14. Once in a while, skip makeup for a whole week. This will detox your skin.
  15. Make sure your moisturizer contains Hyaluronic Acid.
  16. Retinol is the number 1 & a must-have ingredient to look for in anti-aging products.
  17. Do not change your beauty products frequently as it throws off your skins pH balance. Wait for at least 3 weeks before swapping products.
  18. Eat with your skin in your mind. Because, what you eat definitely shows up on your skin.
  19. Keep snacking on almonds throughout the day. They contain essential fatty acids, that helps prevent sagging, fine lines & blotchiness.
  20. SMILE!! Because happy girls are the prettiest!

I hope you incorporate these beauty tips in your daily routine from today itself!

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