9 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Many articles tell you about what you should do to enhance your your makeup skills; In this article, you’re going to know what NOT TO DO! All of us at one time or another must have committed some of these 9 Makeup Mistakes that can easily be avoided! Well, don’t fret. Next time while putting on your makeup just keep these makeup mistakes in your mind and you’re good to go!

1. Don’t apply foundation on bare skin-

This is the most common of the makeup mistakes that people make. Even I used to do this up to a couple of years back. I used to hate putting on foundation because it always looked cakey and dry! Then I read an article just like this and thought of giving it a try. I cleansed my face, mosturised it with a really light mosturiser and let it sit for around 2 minutes. Then I put my foundation on and oh my!! The difference I saw was staggering! I have never since that day on put my foundation on bare face agin. ALWAYS use a mosturiser prior to doing your makeup. My favourite mosturiser to wear under my makeup is Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising Lotion. I’ve tried many mosturisers after this but my foundation looked best with this under it!

2. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone-

A wrong foundation shade can make you look cakey & older! Yes. Always match your foundation shade as close as possible to your skin tone. This makes your skin even-toned and flawless! Testing foundation shades on jaw line is the easiest way to get that perfect match. Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation is my favourite foundation!

3. Use colour corrector before concealer-

The concept of colour correcting has become famous in the market in the past year or so. But makeup artists have been using this technique since a long long time! Because, if you have severe noticeable dark circles, putting concealer directly on them will make them appear ghostly and even more noticeable. Use a peach colour corrector or a peach toned concealer instead before covering it all with your foundation for a flawless finish. Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette is the best in terms of quality & colour range!

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4. Don’t over line your lips too much-

Don’t do this please. Over lining a little is completely fine but going overboard with it doesn’t look good. Using concealer on the edge of your lips to blur the natural shape line of your lips and then over lining them is the best technique to go for. This’ll give you a natural looking pout.

5. Don’t use jet black brow products-

Many people with dark eyebrows think that it’s okay to do this because the natural colour of their eyebrow is black. But they forget that the main purpose of a brow product is to fill in the gaps and then darken them. And since you already have dark eyebrows you just need to fill in the gaps. That can be easily done with a dark brown, chocolate brown or dark grey or even a greyish black product without looking like a Chinese doll! And i have heard great things about this Maybelline New York Fashion Brow Pomade, Deep Brown !

6. Don’t use shimmer eye shadows in crease-

Crease makeup adds that gradient blurred effect to your whole eye makeup. And doing that with shimmer will not give the blurred effect. It will instead highlight the crease! It might work if you’re going for a certain kind of eye look that requires shimmer in the crease but for any other normal eye makeup it doesn’t work!

7. Always blend lower lash line eyeliner-

Not blending the lower lash liner sometimes highlights the harsh lines of the makeup. Just blending the lower lash eyeliner with some eyeshade will give that very soft sexy effect to the whole makeup.

8. Don’t Blend your shadow with a dirty brush-

The only rule in the application of eye shadow is Blend-Blend-Blendinnngg! The purpose of blending is achieving that soft gradient effect with soft, sexy-edges. And Blending with a dirty brush will not give you the blurred effect you should get. I suggest using a clean fluffy brush and blending in a windshield wiping motion. My favourite blending brush is the PAC Blending Brush – 113

9. Don’t use harsh white liners in waterline-

White eyeliner trend took the makeup world by storm some while back! Though, it does work well but I am more of a natural makeup kind of person. So I don’t think a harsh white kohl in your waterline doesn’t look like a part of your eye. Makeup is supposed to enhance the natural features you already have. And I think nude or peachy eyeliners would look more natural when applied in the waterline! There are so many options out there now-a-days. One of them being The Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Pencil – Soft Nude.

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  1. But there are a few Bridal Makeup Mistakes which every trained professionals fail to notice. These makeup mistakes have become very common and hence should be paid attention to. This should be avoided at all costs.

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