Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

An average person sleeps for around eight hours in a day, which adds up to almost 1/3 of your life! You just have to put all of these hours to good use & take advantage of them as much as you can! At night the skin goes into a self-repair mode. It repairs itself from the day’s damage and produces new skin cells. Also, the blood flow is higher at night, which means the products you put on your skin at night has higher chances of getting absorbed. Especially, active ingredients are absorbed better at night. Therefore, many dermatologists suggests using heavy creams/serums containing active ingredients at night. I’ve made a list of Overnight Beauty Tips that I know works best when done overnight. I hope you enjoy them and take full advantage of your beauty sleep! 

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

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Mosturise: Apply Aloe Vera gel on your face and neck overnight. Wash off in the morning for clean, fresh & moisturised skin. Aloe Vera helps in fighting Acne as well. For brighter looking skin, mix a few drops of Vitamin E oil with Aloe Vera gel. You can add drops of Vitamin E oil in your night creams too. Also read 4 Uses Of Aloe Vera

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips
Dark circles/Puffy eyes: Use coffee oil or Almond oil on your under eye area. Apply a little amount of each or mix them up and dab gently on your dark circles and go to sleep. This’ll give the oils time to sink in. You’ll wake up with much brighter and less puffy eyes! And always store your eye creams in refrigerator because the results are much better when eye creams are applied cold.

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

Rough Hands: Put a small amount of Coconut oil or Shea butter on your hands & cover them with soft cotton gloves every night before bed. You can replace the Coconut oil with Olive oil too. These beauty tips will give you softer and healthier hands as well as cuticles.

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips
Eyebrows & Eyelashes: Every night after you go through your skincare routine, apply Castor Oil with a clean spoolie on you eyelashes and eyebrows to grow them with amazing speed.

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips Wrinkles: Replace your normal pillow cases with satin covers. Sleeping on satin pillow cases gives your skin the relief from wrinkles. Generally when we sleep on cotton covers or any such fabric covers, our skin doesn’t slide or move with ease during the night. It folds & stretches and we often wake up with sleep marks on our face which in the long run turns into wrinkles. Satin pillow cases are not only good for skin but they also helps stop any hair fall you’re experiencing. So go out and buy yourself some Satin covers today. And don’t forget to change them in every two days!

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

Cracked Feet: Exfoliate your feet with a good foot scrub. Apply warm Olive or Mustard oil on them and cover them with socks to treat dry, rough feet overnight.

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips
Rough Lips: Exfoliate your lips with a clean tooth brush and apply Honey on them overnight to wake up with soft, pink lips.

Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips
Acne: Make a paste of Neem leaves by grinding them. Apply this paste on your acne and keep it overnight. You’ll start noticing a reduction in your acne or acne marks in just a couple of days! OR Mix a few drops of Tea Tree oil in your night cream to reduce acne.

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Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips
Hair: Every couple of days, massage warm hair oil into your scalp and keep it overnight. Wash it off with your normal shampoo in the morning. I prefer a mixture of Castor oil & Sweet Almond oil because it’s really good and effective. Every time I use this mixture my hair feels really shiny & soft after the wash. Also, never go to bed with your hair untied. It’ll cause hair fall. Just make a loose braid and you’ll be fine.

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Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

I hope you like all the beauty tips & treatments and will definitely use them in your night time routine! Do let me know the results!

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    1. Fast hair growth is one the most effective benefit of Castor oil! So swapping it with some other oil is not gonna work the same way.

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