Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender

The topic I’m going to talk about today is Essential Oils by the brand Aroma Magic. These are concentrated botanical oils derived directly from the plant itself. Really strong and effective for many purposes including skincare, haircare, relaxation, massage, etc. I started experimenting with essential oils very recently and chose to buy Aroma Magic because they literally have a very wide range of essential oils! Also, all the products that I’ve tried from Aroma Magic have always worked well for me in the past!

Today, I’m gonna review the Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender essential oils. These are the ones I purchased.

Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender

Another brand having a really wide range of essential oils is Aroma Treasures. I have their Lime, Orange & Camphor oils. I’ll be doing a review on them super soon!

What The Brand Claims:

Our products are free of Parabens, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Harsh Chemicals, Synthetic Colours as well as Artificial Fragrances, Petrochemicals, Phthalates and Animal Testing.
By choosing Aroma Magic, you are using ingredients that work with the natural systems of your skin, body, and mind. Because all our products are aromatherapy based, they work from inside and out. Aroma Magic products deliver the promise of the finest natural ingredients for each specific need. With us, what you see is what you get.

How to use these Aroma Magic essential oils:

Essential oils always needs to be diluted before usage. Do not ever apply an essential oil directly to your skin. You can mix a few drops of these essential oils with Olive oil or coconut oil for massage purposes on face as well as body. You can add these to your creams and lotions as well, for extra care. The best oil to add in your cream or mosturiser is Tea Tree Oil as it helps in fighting acne. These can be added to the water for your bath, manicures or pedicures. I love putting a few drops of Rose essential oil to my bath water!

Other Variants avaible:

Tea tree oil

Ylang ylang oil

Peppermint oil

Rosemary oil

Lemon oil

Rosewood oil

Jasmine oil

Carrot seed oil

Frankincense oil

Pine oil

Palmrosa oil

Patitgrain oil

Nutmeg oil

Fennelseed oil

Thyme oil

Clarysage oil

Juniperberry oil

Cypress oil

Ginger oil

Orange oil

Lemongrass oil

Neroli oil

Vetiver oil

Bergamot oil

Eucalyptus oil

Clove oil

Geranium oil

Basil oil

Sandalwood oil

Patchouli oil

Ceadrwood oil

Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender

Prices of all the Essential oils by Aroma Magic varies accordingly. The cheapest of them all is the Eucalyptus essential oil priced at Rs.185 & the most expensive of them all is the Cypress essential oil which is priced at Rs.950.

All the essential oils are 20 ml in size.

The shelf life of all of them is 3 years.

Where can you get it:

These are easily available online at Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart and you can find these at some of the Beauty Centers as well.

My thoughts on Aroma Magic Essential oils:

Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender

The packaging of all the essential oils are the same. They come in a brown glass bottle with a square wooden cap. Packaging looks beautiful & exotic; especially because of the wooden cap. The mouth of the bottle is covered with a plastic lid which has a hole in it to dispense just the right amount of oil. The actual bottle comes packed in a cardboard box through which the bottle can be seen. This cardboard box is of no use at all because its not of a really good quality. All the details about the oil is given on the outer cardboard box as well as the bottle itself. All in all, I love how pretty and exotic this bottle looks in my vanity. Yes, I am guilty of being obsessed with pretty looking things!

Rose 17:

Rs. 400/-
Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender
The consistency of this oil is quite runny, which is very normal.
It is tranparent in colour.
Now coming to the most exciting part; it smells heavenly! I am truly, deeply in love with it’s fragrance .But if you don’t use a light hand with this, the smell can get a little overpowering since it’s a concentrated oil. It literally smells of fresh roses to me.
I love using this with my night cream nowadays. I use this in my bath as well & let me tell you that I am in love with this! Especially mixed in with my bath water, it makes me amazingly relaxed and pampered.

Cinnamon 27:

Rs. 250/-
Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender
The consistency of this oil is runny as well.
It is transparent in colour.
This oil smells very spicy and refreshing! Just like a Cinnamon stick should. It just makes me feel more aware, awake and refreshed.
My favourite way of using this product is by mixing it with my lips products. I have used this with my lip balm, lip scrub, lipstick, everything and every single time it made my lips plump. You can actually see a difference! But it can sting a little so just use 2 drops everytime. Not more than that please. Also, never apply it directly on your lips. It will sting as hell & make your lips dry as Saharan dessert!

Lavender 03:

Rs. 275/-
Aroma Magic Essential Oils Review | Rose, Cinnamon & Lavender
The consistency is runny just like all the other ones.
The colour is transparent.
It smells of Lavender ofcourse! The smell is just soooo soothing and calming, oh my god! It’s just heavenly.
I used this with a carrier oil (olive oil) once to massage my face, hands and feet. The experience was very invigorating and spa-like! I used this in on of my Diy candles as well. It made my whole house smell of Lavender!
I will be teaching How to make Diy candles very soon guys!
What I like About the Aroma Magic Essential Oils:

I love the packaging.

The smell is amazing as well as long lasting.

Really effective.

What I Don’t Like About the Aroma Magic Essential Oils:


Rating: 4.5/5

Hence, I would definitely repurchase these and recommend you to try these essential oils as well!

Detailed guides on each of these oils will be up on the blog during next week. I will be reviewing them in detail, will explain different ways you can use this, easy diy recipes you can use them in, etc. I hope you look forward to reading them!!

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  1. I love your reviews and really want to try the tea tree one! As I suffer from really dry lips ! Thank you for also providing information when I can but these oils from as I am not very mobile Morgan x

  2. I have been trying to learn more about essential oils lately! I really want to use them for their fragrance in place of candles and I want to learn more about using them for health! I have a few essential oils but I need to learn more ways I can incorporate them into my life!

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