5 Perfectly Nourishing Hair Masks That You Will Love

Hello everyone, myself Roshni from Living Flawless blog, today I got to write in one of your favorite blog, thanks to Nooraina, the author of Pretty And Real. So I thought to why not write about my biggest concern; Hair. I have always faced many issues with my hairs and I’m sure it must be same with you at some point, especially in winters (few winter hair and skincare tips). So, I have brought to you my most used and loved Nourishing Hair Masks that will definitely take care of almost all your hair issues.

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Tea Tree essential oil Uses & Benefits

Essential oils are quickly becoming my favorite products to work with. I just love playing with different flavors with different qualities! Every essential oil has it’s own individual qualities, benefits and uses. If you actually sit and research, the range of essential oils available in the market today is mind blowing! I have Lavender, Rose, Orange, lemon, Cinnamon, Camphor, Tea tree & Rosemary essential oils. Today I’m talking about the Tea tree essential oil uses & benefits. Also, some amazing and easy DIY recipes using tea tree oil!

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Homemade Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Hair Mask for deep conditioning 

I have naturally wavy/curly hair with a lot of frizz. So, naturally, I was obsessed with getting my hair silky & straight. In my quest to get silky straight hair, I’ve chemically treated my hair 3 times. At that time, my hair was really strong and thick. But after Relaxing my hair for the 3rd time, I noticed that my hair is becoming a little thin! Not drastically thin because I used to take care of my hair a lot. I used to buy the shampoos recommended by my hair stylist, I used to go for regular spas and all. But, no matter how much precaution we take, chemically treating our hair is never a good idea. So, it’s been two & a half years now since I’ve done any chemical treatment on them. I’m growing out my curls now and trying to manage them at any cost. I’m always on my quest to find the perfect products for them. But, more than finding good products for my hair type, I’m more interested in experimenting with my homemade recipes because in terms of results, nothing works for me like my homemade hair masks with ingredients from my kitchen cabinet (almost, always). The Diy hair mask I’m talking about today is my Homemade Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Hair Mask for deep conditioning dry & frizzy hair!

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DIY Nourishing Henna & Egg Hair Mask

My hair is acting up a little since the past 2 weeks (Frizz, Rough-ends, hair fall… sounds familiar?). It was a signal for me to pamper them with some natural goodness as my hair seems to love it so much! What is better than Henna for a little hair pampering time, right?! So I tried this diy nourishing hair mask with Henna as the main ingredient.

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5 Two-Ingredient Hair Treatments | Get Thick Hair

Silky, Bouncy, Voluminous and Shiny. When I think of these words the only thing that comes into my mind is HAIR. I am obsessed with my hair! Well, who’s not?! Your hair is the first thing that people notice. Accept this- Your hair makes or breaks your Selfie game girl! Hence, I’m always thinking of ways to make my hair healthy. In today’s time, we abuse our hair so much by using hot irons, curlers, dryers, etc and then forget to take care of them! So today, I’ve complied a list of DIY two-ingredient hair masks that are easy to make. These are for all the lazybums out there that are too troubled by hair fall but also are too lazy to make a full-on hair mask including 4-5 ingredients. Enjoy!

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