Reclaim Your Beauty with These Glow-Getting Beauty Habits

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, which is exactly what helps her stand out from the crowd and feel special. All of us deserve to feel like that, but the truth is that there are so many factors, like our lifestyle and habits, that significantly influence our beauty and self-confidence. Just stay with us and find out how to reclaim your beauty thanks to some amazing tricks. Here are four of them, so check them out and accomplish that beautiful glow! Reclaim Your Beauty with These Glow-Getting Beauty Habits!

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Shea Butter Uses & Recipes

Last week, I did a review on an Organic Raw Shea Butter I’m currently obsessed with! Though I had already covered a lot on the topic, I wanted to do a separate post on the uses of Shea Butter and some DIY recipes to make your own skincare products at home. So, this post is going to let you know about Shea Butter uses and recipes plus the several benefits it has for our skin & hair.

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Tea Tree essential oil Uses & Benefits

Essential oils are quickly becoming my favorite products to work with. I just love playing with different flavors with different qualities! Every essential oil has it’s own individual qualities, benefits and uses. If you actually sit and research, the range of essential oils available in the market today is mind blowing! I have Lavender, Rose, Orange, lemon, Cinnamon, Camphor, Tea tree & Rosemary essential oils. Today I’m talking about the Tea tree essential oil uses & benefits. Also, some amazing and easy DIY recipes using tea tree oil!

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5 Facial Oils to change your skin game this winter

Facials oils & serums, as opposed to mosturisers or any other skincare products, are far more concentrated and potent. They are made to penetrate the multiple layers of skin to deliver fast and instant results. Facial oils are ideal for every skin type; oily, dry, combination, acne, mature, sun damaged, irritated, normal & aging. It’s a myth that oil based products congests and clogs our pores. Because, the actual issue is mineral oils, synthetic oil and other irritating ingredients. You just have to make sure that you avoid all the above mentioned ingredients and you’ll be loving the change and nourishment that facial oils & serums will bring on your skin. You just have to choose the right type of product for your specific skin concern.

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Lavender Essential Oil | Uses

Lavender has been cherished through centuries for its refreshing aroma and heaps of benefits. In ancient times, Romans & Egyptians used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking (never put any essential oil in your food unless it’s consumable which should be mentioned on the bottle) & as a perfume. The fragrance of Lavender essential oil continues to be its most notable qualities. Be it Lavender candles for a romantic evening, Lavender bath soak for a spa like experience or Lavender skincare products, it’s certainly one of the most loved essential oil.

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Rose Essential Oil | Uses

We often associate the smell of roses with love, romance, feminity and summer gardens! They have been adored for centuries by personalities such as Cleopatra (69 BC – 30 BC) & Josephine de Beauharnais (wife of Napoleon I)(1736 – 1814). Roses are cultivated around the world for their high value in perfumery. But, did you know that roses have way more to offer than just their strong floral fragrance? They can help us in several ways apart from being the perfect stress busters! The 2 main products obtained from them are Rose Water & Rose Essential Oil. Both of these products have their own individual purposes and qualities. Rose Water is the best substitute for skin refreshing mists and toners. However, Rose essential oil has many different benefits and uses which we’re going to talk about today, along with some DIY recipes.

Rose Essential Oil | Uses

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Cinnamon Essential Oil | Uses

Cinnamon also known as Dalchini, in India, is unsurprisingly found in every household. The warm and spicy scent of Cinnamon is always very inviting and very famous; especially, in the holiday season. I’m sure everyone here knows the inviting smell of Apple & Cinnamon pie! But food is not the only thing Cinnamon is used for. It has amazing health benefits as well. It can be used for skincare and our daily lives in numerous ways also.

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Best Foods For Healthy & Glowing Skin

There are so many people in this world that aren’t even concerned about the fact that Healthy skin comes from eating healthy food; Foods that are known to provide you with the essential nutrients. Healthy foods like leafy vegetables, citrus, carrots help in fighting diseases. But did you know that all of these foods when included in your diet can work wonders for your skin as well!? Some aren’t aware of this fact and the ones that are aware, don’t care! They just want you to suggest a good cream, serum anything that comes in a pretty tub printed with a clinical label. But, understand, what you eat is as important as the creams & serums you apply on your skin. So today, I’ve made a list of the Best Foods For Healthy Skin. Incorporate these foods items in your diet as much as you can.

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5 Effective Skincare Products Millennials Should Start Using

5 Effective Skincare Products Millennials Should Start Using

Guest Article by Amy Mia

The older we are, the more obsessed we become with skincare. It’s not just to stave off the signs of aging, it’s generally because skincare is kind of fun. There’s something so soothing about that daily nourishing ritual, something about knowing that you’ll wake up to a gorgeous glowing face after you’ve applied a brightening mask in the evening.

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Amazing Overnight Beauty Tips

An average person sleeps for around eight hours in a day, which adds up to almost 1/3 of your life! You just have to put all of these hours to good use & take advantage of them as much as you can! At night the skin goes into a self-repair mode. It repairs itself from the day’s damage and produces new skin cells. Also, the blood flow is higher at night, which means the products you put on your skin at night has higher chances of getting absorbed. Especially, active ingredients are absorbed better at night. Therefore, many dermatologists suggests using heavy creams/serums containing active ingredients at night. I’ve made a list of Overnight Beauty Tips that I know works best when done overnight. I hope you enjoy them and take full advantage of your beauty sleep! 

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