Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick | Review

Today I’m going to review Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in the shade More Better. Colourpop is a cruelty free brand founded in California in 2014. According to me, this brand is the best if you want to buy products that are of amazing quality with affordable prices. I’ve heard raving reviews about their eye shadows as well. So, next on my list are their eye shadows, of course!
Colourpop ultra matte lipstick

6.00$ / Rs.700 approx.
Colourpop is, unfortunately,  not available in India. But, they do ship to India with a minimum order of 50$. Their are a lots of pros and cons with International shipping because of customs and everything. But, if you’re familiar with it, go ahead & order from their official website. I got mine as a gift from Internationalmakeup_ on Instagram.
This lipstick comes packed in a white cardboard box with all the details printed on it. The lipstick itself is a transparent plastic tube with a silver screw-top cap that has a duo foot applicator. The name of the shade is given on the bottom of the outer carboard packaging and the tube as well.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick | Review |
There are a total of 71 shades in the ultra matte lipstick range. Yes, 71! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of so many shades in a single range of lipstick finish before.
The shade I’m reviewing today is More Better which is a really pretty dark fuschia shade. It has some magenta undertones to it. I love love loveee how it brightens up my complexion in seconds!
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick | Review |
My Experience With The Colourpop ultra matte lipstick:
I love matte lips. So, naturally, I’ve tried a lot of liquid matte lipsticks as well as bullet lipsticks. Bullet matte lipsticks are more hydrating and comfortable than liquid matte lipstick. But, it’s a really big task to find bullet lipsticks that are actually powder matte. I don’t wear matte lipsticks that have a certain amount of sheen or gloss or anything shiny. I need a proper matte lipstick that has a velvety and powdery finish; like the retro matte collection by MAC.

Because of this, I turn to liquid matte lipsticks a lot. And trust me when I say this, the Colourpop ultra matte lipstick is by far the most comfortable liquid matte lipstick I’ve tried. The formula of this lipstick is not very thick nor runny. It glides on smoothly on the lips. It doesn’t go on patchy or uneven. The application is easy as well as smooth. The only thing you should remember is that it dries off very very quickly. Once it dries, it’s not going to budge! It lasted on my lips for 6 hours straight. Even after 6 hours, it just faded a little, leaving behind a beautiful stain.

What I love about this is that it doesn’t come off in flakes like many other liquid matte lipstick does. It fades off evenly from the lips.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick | Review |

The texture & feel of this lipstick on my lips is heavenly. I’ve tried a lot of liquid lipsticks that feels like paper on lips. That after a while, starts looking like crumpled paper. But this one felt like velvet on the lips. Even when my I rubbed my lips together, it didn’t start flaking off like many other lipsticks does.

All in all, I love the texture, lasting power and the look of this lipstick on myself a lot! I’m definitely going to buy a lot of other shades from this range. Next on my list are the shade Bumble & Tulle.

What I like about the Colourpop ultra matte lipstick:
Long lasting
Comfortable wear
Transfer proof
What I dont like about the Colourpop ultra matte lipstick:
Not available in India
Dries very quickly.


I would definitely recommend the Colourpop ultra matte lipstick More Better to all of you as I love it to death!! But, I know wearing a Liquid matte lipstick is not everybody’s cup of tea. That said, the formula of this lipstick is far better than any other ones I have tried to date. So, if you’ve been thinking of trying liquid matte lipsticks for a while now, this is the best option you should start with!

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