Detox Water Recipes To Cleanse your body & Lose Weight

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is essential for your overall health! Not just for losing weight, not just for your glowing skin but for your physical health as well. Because drinking the essential amount of water can easily rid your body of harmful toxins that could have become a disease or just caused your body some discomfort in the long run! Having said that, water does help in losing weight and when you’re healthy your face happens to be glowing by itself. Hence I thought, if drinking sufficient water everyday is essential, why not take full advantage of it? I am talking about Detox water!

Detox Water Recipes To Cleanse your body & Lose Weight

Many of you might be familiar with the term Detox water. It’s nothing complicated or fancy. You can easily make it in your kitchen in 5 minutes! In easy words, Detox water is just fruit infused water! You take some fruits of your choice, a citrus fruit & some herbs and infuse them in the water overnight. Citrus fruit is a must because it has high acidity and burns fats faster and increases metabolism.

Detox Water Recipes To Cleanse your body & Lose Weight

Reasons To Drink Detox Water:

It’ll help in boosting your metabolism.

It’ll flush your system of harmful toxins thereby improving your health.

Detox water will help you in losing weight.

By drinking detox water you’re pumping your body full of Vitamins as well as nutrients that makes you look beautiful & increases your energy level.

How to make Detox water:

Take a wide mouthed bottle so that you can easily drop all the fruit slices inside. Mason jars are a good option too but I feel they’re really small. You can also get fruit infuser bottle. Just make sure you buy a big one. Drop all the ingredients in the bottle first. Then fill it with water. Put the bottle in fridge overnight.

Base Ingredients:


Citrus fruits (lime, lemon, oranges, cantaloupe, grapefruit).

A few other fruits & herbs of your choice.

Additional ingredients (to be put in small quantity): Honey – 1 tsp/Ginger – 1 tsp/Cinnamon – ½  a stick would be enough

Time of preparation: Refrigerate overnight.

Some recipes:
  • 4 slices of Lemon, 6 slices of Cucumber, Few Mint leaves,Tsp of Honey.
  • 6 slices of Oranges, 10 slices of Strawberries, 14 Blueberries, 1 tsp Honey.
  • 6 slices of Oranges, 8 slices of Grapefruit, ¼ stick of Cinnamon.
  • 5 slices of Lime, 10 slices of Strawberries, 6 slices of Kiwi, ½ tsp Ginger.
  • 10 slices of Cantaloupe, 8 slices of Pineapple, 5 slices of Apple, ½ tsp Ginger.
  • 10 slices of Strawberries, 8 slices of Kiwi, ½ stick of Cinnamon.

You can mix & replace the ingredients according to your taste and preference. Just remember the basic recipe! One citrus fruit, a few other Fruits of your choice, Herbs (optional), Honey/Cinnamon/Ginger.

You can drink the water and refill it one more time during the day. But make sure you empty the content in 24 hours. Make fresh detox water every day!

My favourite among all of these would definitely be the Lemon, Cucumber, Mint leaves & Honey detox water. I prefer drinking a glass of Detox water in the mornings on empty stomach. I have my breakfast after almost an hour.

Do let me know how the Detox water works for you!

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22 thoughts on “Detox Water Recipes To Cleanse your body & Lose Weight

  1. These are great ideas to make your water have some added benefits and flavor! I personally like to use dietary essential oils in my water to give it a boost and some health benefits, the citrus oils are my favorites. Have you ever tried?

  2. these detox recipes not only sound tasty but they help our bodies… love this idea! I’m going to try the 1st drink option, sounds great! thank you!

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