DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

My love for homemade skincare is really old and ingrown! I love the rush of adrenaline I get as soon as a new recipe or combination comes to my mind. I just can’t wait to get up and start making good skin happen! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t! I’m telling you this because my blog is named Pretty And Real for the very reason, that I’m gonna be Real & honest with you guys here. I have my mess ups when trying out new recipes and I think I should start sharing those here as well. Becauuuuse, what is life without the mess ups, right? Plus it’ll give you all an idea of what not to do. So today I’m sharing a success recipe along with some steps you should take to avoid any mess ups. Today’s post is about my favourite DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub for smooth, supple & mosturised skin.

DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Why you Should Start Using Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub:

Winter has arrived here in India & my skin has already started acting up. The single most prominent problem I face during the months of Winter is dry skin, as does everybody else. Even people with Oily skin. During Winter, the atmosphere gets pretty harsh and our skin needs that extra dose of mosturisation. Now, you might think why a scrub? Lotions should be ideal to give mosturisation to dry skin. I personally love mosturising body scrubs because they do two things at the same time. First, scrubs get rid of all the dry, flaky & dead skin on our body. Second, the oils in the body scrubs mosturise the skin to stop it from drying out again. Nothing, I repeat, nothing has mosturised my body as well as this body scrub does! Especially, my hands. I use this daily on my hands and they’ve never felt softer & looked so radiant!

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Benefits of using DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub:


Sugar can be the best and mild exfoliating agent for your skin to remove dead skin cells from your body.


Rose petals are rich with antibacterial properties. They’re a really rich source of vitamin B, E, C and K. Being a really rich source of vitamin C they work as an excellent sun block agent. As a natural astringent rose water helps unclog and close pores. Rose essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in fighting bacteria.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best moisturising ingredients in the world. I don’t think anything can be compared to it in terms of mosturisation.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E nourishes skin from within and restores skins lost moisture. It retains our skin’s water level as well.

DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

What you’ll need:

1 cup granulated Sugar

1/2 cup Coconut oil

3 – 4 Rose petals (dried petals would be ideal)

10 drops Rose essential oil

2 tsp Rose water

1 tsp Vitamin E oil (you can use Vitamin E capsules as well)


  1. Grind your Sugar and dried/fresh Rose petals in the mixer to a coarse consistency.
  2. Now put Coconut oil, Rose water, Rose essential oil & Vitamin E oil to this mixture and blend everything together.
  3. Store this scrub in an air tight container/jar in the refrigerator.

DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Note: Don’t mix the ingredients in a bowl manually. Always blend the ingredients in a mixer. I’ve done it both ways. When you mix it with your hands the oils do not get incorporated in the mixture that well. But in a mixer the oils really get mixed and incorporated with everything else.

Use this body scrub after taking your bath. Spread this body scrub onto your body and let it sit for at least 5 minutes, then wash it off while scrubbing. Do not use any soap on your body after using this body scrub. Don’t wipe your body hard with the towel or you’ll wipe off all the goodness of the oils in this scrub.


I hope you’ll try this at your home and enjoy!

Do let me know your thoughts and your favourite flavours in body scrubs. I will definitely try them next time!

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13 thoughts on “DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

  1. This looks like an interesting scrub. Adding rose water and rose essential oils, it must smell good too. My skin is so oily I just use light moisturizers and body lotions after bath. 🙂

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    1. Around 150 ml. Enough amount to use it on your whole body for at least 10-12 times. Just make sure you’re storing this in your refrigerator.

  3. Great recipie. Glad u posted ur website on the photo u took of it as the one from Pinterest is redirected to someone else’s site. LOVE ur Blog! It’s teaching me so much. I love to DIY with Shea butter… my new fav. Thanks for all the great info on it.

    1. I’m so glad to hear your appreciation! I,m gonna post a few recipes of scrubs with Shea butter soon. Stay tuned!

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