Fitness Know-How: A Newbie Guide

You’ve finally decided to introduce another healthy change into your life and start working out on a regular basis. But in order to avoid confusion and doubt so many people experience the moment they step inside a gym on their own, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for the very first session, and hopefully, many more to come in your fitness journey!

Fitness Know-How: A Newbie Guide

Define your program

One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is that they fail to create a detailed plan of their workouts, leading them to waste more time experimenting and just roaming around the gym aimlessly. With so many valuable sources of information online, you can do your homework well before your first training and determine which exercises you wish to perform. Take into account your current level of fitness, if you want to start with bodyweight exercises only, add resistance bands, perhaps include some HIIT and follow up with some weight training? You can also consult a fitness trainer, ask them to craft you a personalized fitness plan, and then make sure you do your best to progress gradually from there. But most importantly, keep it fun and safe – there’s no point in sticking with something that doesn’t make you happy and helps you grow stronger!

Don’t do too much too fast

Fitness Know-How: A Newbie Guide

So many people are eager to rush into their weight loss goals without considering their overall health, and they end up ruining their immune system, getting hurt or simply disappointed when the desired results fail to appear. It’s one thing to push your boundaries and aim to progress, and completely another if you go too far and get injured in the process. The same goes for your accompanying diet. Make your fitness program is balanced. It’s important that you eat enough food to satisfy your energy needs, and if your goal is to lose weight, stay in the reasonable limit of restrictions. Once again, reaching out to a professional nutritionist is always a good idea if you’re overwhelmed by the information you discover online.

Adjust your behavior and appearance

Fitness Know-How: A Newbie Guide

Many of our daily habits may intervene with our fitness goals. Even something as simple as having long nails, wearing jewelry or glasses can be a hazard when you perform certain movements. If you do have trouble with your eyesight, you can always try wearing contact lenses, whether the ones you wear day-long or ortho-K lenses that correct your vision during the night and don’t have to be worn during the day. Whatever your preference, you can consult a certified optometrist and make the right choice based on your needs. Not to mention the fact that you cannot exercise in clothes that are either too tight and restrictive or too loose. Look around and find a pair of flexible tights and tees or tank tops, along with gym shoes to protect your ankles. Add extra equipments such as gloves or sweat bands to make your workouts as comfortable as possible.

Create a support system

As all versed fitness enthusiasts know well, a fitness mindset doesn’t begin or end at the gym alone. In fact, what you do and how you behave all day long affects your performance and your likelihood of persevering with your newly set goals. To that end, why not start a training routine with a friend or two? They can motivate and encourage you on those lazy days, and serve as your accountability partners. Moreover, it’s equally important to adjust your lifestyle so that it supports your physical activity needs. No training can be enjoyable if you don’t get enough sleep. And if you don’t include a proper warm up and a cool down with stretches and mobility work to keep your body in good shape. Once again, your diet is another crucial element that will help you succeed. So, don’t underestimate the power of healthy eating!

Mind your milestones

Fitness Know-How: A Newbie Guide

A generalized goal such as “I want to lose weight” or “I want toned abs” don’t do much good once you actually start your journey. These are vague, undefined goals that cannot possibly motivate you when you hit a plateau, which is bound to happen at some point.

So, while you’re refining your training program to decide which exercises work best for you, also introduce weekly and monthly milestones that will help you keep your eyes on the prize. If it’s weight loss you’re after, set a weekly goal of how much you aim to lose in those seven days. Rest assured, you might not always reach the desired numbers in time. But you will be highly motivated to continue chasing after your aspirations!

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