Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

Today’s review is about the Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash With Tea Tree, Mulberry & Grapefruit Extract. Activated Charcoal powder has always been a part of beauty industry in terms of an active ingredient in skincare products. But this year has been a hit for charcoal. There has been a Tsunami of Charcoal based skincare products in the market! With good reasons ofcourse!

Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

Activated charcoal has high absorption properties. It is actually proven to adsorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances. So, charcoal is not just for grilling your favourite Burger on Barbeque days anymore! When applied on skin, it can absorb all the harmful substances like white heads, blackheads, pimples, dirt, impurities, excess oil etc from your skin. With all these amazing properties, what’s a girl supposed to do? I just could not miss buying this face wash.

Price: Rs.400 for 100ml (I got it from Flipkart for Rs.220!)

Availability: This brand is available online only on Amazon & Flipkart. Unfortunately, this is not available in local stores.

About The Brand: Green Berry Organic is a fairly new brand in the beauty market. As you can guess by the name it’s completely organic. All of their products are 100 % natural & vegan made from pure oils & extracts. They are against animal testing!

Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

Packaging: This face wash comes in a transparent tube with black flip-top cap. The tube has a white & green sticker on it. All the details about the product are provided on this sticker. You can see the usage level as the bottle is transparent. The only con is that, once I left the bottle lying down and it leaked, maybe, it was feeling sticky afterwards. I think it’s because of the oils it contains. So make sure you keep your bottle standing at all times.

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My Experience With The Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash:

This face wash contains all of my favourite ingredients- Charcoal, Tea tree & Grapefruit! I just love the smell of grapefruit products. I used to have a face wash from Aroma Magic that had grapefruit & Oh My Lord I could not live without it! This face wash is the only product that has since then managed to replace that one happily!! And Charcoal & Tea tree oil helps in controlling acne and blemishes so the ingredients are a win-win for me.

This face wash has an ashy colour to it, because of the Charcoal of course. The consistency is not too thick nor very runny.

Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

When I received the package, the bottle I felt was a little smaller than I had expected. But, after I started using it I realized, you just need a very little amount to wash your face. It’ll easily last for around three – four months, which is great. I’ve been using this for almost a month now & I’ve not even used up ¼ of the product.

I wash my face with this every day in the morning. It instantly freshens up my face. It leaves my skin hydrated, clean & supple. I don’t have severe acne so I don’t know how it works for acne-prone skin. Though, I do have some little spots that have since settled a bit. I’ve noticed a mild improvement in my skin’s texture.

All-in-all, I think this face wash is a fairly good product you should definitely invest in. I never expect too much from a face wash. But this one has definitely set the expectation bar high!

Things I Like About The Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash:

I love the ingredients!

It smells pleasant.

The face wash has improved my skin’s texture mildly.

It is a natural product, free of any harmful chemicals.

Things I Don’t Like About The Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash:

Not a very travel-friendly packaging.

Quantity could have been more.

Rating: 4/5

I would definitely repurchase this and recommend you to buy this too, because for a face wash this works really well. There’s one more product by the brand that’s an all time favourite- Mud Ash 3 in1. Read some reviews and give it a try. I’m sure you’ll love it.

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