Lavender Essential Oil | Uses

Lavender has been cherished through centuries for its refreshing aroma and heaps of benefits. In ancient times, Romans & Egyptians used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking (never put any essential oil in your food unless it’s consumable which should be mentioned on the bottle) & as a perfume. The fragrance of Lavender essential oil continues to be its most notable qualities. Be it Lavender candles for a romantic evening, Lavender bath soak for a spa like experience or Lavender skincare products, it’s certainly one of the most loved essential oil.

 Lavender Essential Oil | Uses

Some Facts of Lavender Essential Oil:

While humans find the smell of Lavender calm and soothing, bugs cannot stand it. This makes Lavender oil a great substitute for your mosquito repellent.

It takes around 150 pound of Lavender plants to make 1 pound of Lavender Essential oil.

Lavender essential oil is often adulterated. Make sure you’re buying an authentic product.


Sweet, floral and really refreshing aroma.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil:


Due to its healing properties, Lavender oil easily inhibits any bacteria that can be the cause of Acne or infections. It calm and cools the skin and can even help in fading the scars.

Reduces Anxiety & Stress:

Lavender essential oil is a natural stress buster because of it’s calming and soothing smell.

Induces sleep:

Patients that suffer from Insomnia appeared to sleep well when Lavender essential oil was placed on their pillows. Even, elderly people, suffering from irregular sleep were recorded to sleep better when their medication was replaced by Lavender oil on their pillow.

Pain Reliever:

Lavender oil should be a must have staple in every first-aid kit. Lavender essential relieves mild pain.

Some DIY Recipes & Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Body scrub:

Make a Lavender Body scrub using Sea salt, Honey and Lavender oil. This’ll not just make your body smooth and supple but also fragrant.

Natural Air Freshener:

Add 20 drops Lavender oil to 2 cups of purified water and pour into a spray bottle to use whenever necessary. Or add a few drops of Lavender essential oil in your difuser.

Soothing Bath:

Add a few drops of lavender oil to your bath water for a calming effect.

Linen spray:

Mix 10 drops of Lavender essential oil, ½ cup of With hazel (you can substitute this with a pinch of sea salt or Epsom salt) and 1 cup of tap water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it onto your bed sheets during bedtime to have a relieving long night’s sleep.

Foot Soak:

Pour 2 drops of Lavender essential oil to your foot soak for added benefits.


Mix a few drops of Lavender oil with any carrier oil (preferably, Coconut oil) to stimulate hair growth.

Anxiety soother: 

Apply all over your temples and the back of your neck to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety. Lavender oil is known to relieve cold, pain, aches & rheumatic conditions.


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