Makeup Hacks | To Make Everyday Life Easier

Do you like makeup as much as Popeye loves Spinach? I sure do! But on some days, it just feels like too much work! (Yes, I said that. Please don’t hate me! :D) For these lazy days & for those working women out there with a tight schedule or for all the busy moms out there, I’ve complied a list of makeup hacks to make your life & days simpler!

Makeup Hacks | To Make Everyday Life Easier

Contour With Just Blush:

When you’re in a hurry and still want to contour your face, just use a warm coloured blush to contour between the hollows of you cheeks and apples of your cheek. This’ll make your makeup look more fresh and alive.

Fill Your Brows The Easy Way:

When you’re in a hurry, you cannot go through a full eyebrow routine! On these days, use an Eyebrow gel/Eyebrow mascara. Just sweep the wand through your eyebrows and DONE! In case you have any cuts or gaps in your brows, fill them up lightly & then use the brow gel. This’ll make your brows darker, more prominent as well as set them in place while saving you much time in the process.

Boy Brow gel by Glossier

Bronze Your Face With Drawing a Big 3:

Tired just by thinking of the whole contour and baking process? Fret not! Draw a big 3 on your face using your bronzer starting from your temples going towards the hollow of your cheeks ending it towards your jaw line. Blend everything out and you’re ready with a warm glow on your face with subtle contouring!

Make Your Eyes Pop:

Not feeling like putting on eyeliner? Just conceal the area around your eyes, highlight the inner corners of your eyes & high points of your brows and put on 2 coats of mascara. And you’re done! This’ll give you such a fresh and young look! Pair it up with a dark lip for a date or a party makeup.

Apply Foundation Before Concealer:

Applying foundation before concealer saves time as well as product. When you apply foundation, it conceals all the light spots & blemishes you have. So you just need to conceal only the very stubborn spots now. You need less product with less time to go through the process now.

Make your Mascara Application Easy:

Is your mascara feeling clumpy and giving you a hard time to apply while you’re running late? Take your mascara tube and run it under a hot water tap for a minute to make it go on smoother. You can even take a glass filled with hot water and dip in the tube for some time while you do some other chores. Your mascara will go on more smoothly in half the time!

The 3 in 1 Product:

This is for when you’re really running super duper late! You can do your full face makeup with a single product! A Lipstick!! Take any lipstick of your choice and use it as a blusher as well as eye shade. Then put it on your lips and you’re ready to go! Add a little bit of mascara to complete your look.

Let me know in the comments section what are your favourite makeup hacks for those busy days!

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