Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser

Black Mess. The name in itself is really catchy and unique! It’s just perfect for something that has Activated charcoal as the hero ingredient. Skincare products with activated charcoal are all the hype in the market this year! Why should they not be?! I, myself, gravitate towards everything with charcoal in it. It just manages to clean out the skin by pulling the gunk out of our pores making skin baby soft and clear. It’s an ideal ingredient to look for in skincare products. Especially, if you have acne-prone skin or if you want a product to Detox skin pores. I was really excited to try this product myself; especially, after looking at the ingredient list. Charcoal​ combined with the healing powers of clay, dead sea mud, aloe vera extract, tea tree and peppermint oils and so on! Read on for the Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser!

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser


Rs.499 for 125 gms.

Shelf life:

24 months.


This is available on Ryaal’s official website, Amazon & Flipkart.

About the Brand:

Ryaal is a skincare brand with a variety of products; especially, their essential oils range is mindblowing! Their products are 100% organic, Natural Therapeutic grade, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001 and Kosher Certified so you can always rest assured that you will get only the natural oils.

I had talked about this brand earlier as well, when I had reviewed the Tea tree essential oil by them.

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser


I Am A Mess Myself, But Promise To Leave Your Skin Mess Free”- Black mess!

All natural face cleanser, scrub and mask.

What is this?

Ryaal Black mess is a specially formulated 3 in 1 product for troubled skin. Activated charcoal along with Fuller’s earth, moroccos lava clay and organic dead sea mud soaks up all the dirt, grim and oil from skin, leaving it deeply cleansed. Sugar and walnut shell powder takes away dead skin and clogged pores. Aloe Vera and glycerin soothes irritated skin while peppermint oil and tea tree oil heal and prevent acne. Use this powerful formulation daily as a cleanser and twice a week as a scrub cum mask to keep your skin problem free and radiant.

How to use?

Scoop out some product in a clean bowl with the help of a spatula and mix some water/ rose water/ milk to form a paste. Apply evenly leaving out your eye and mouth area. Gently scrub after the paste is semi damn. Wash away with cold water.

100% organic, cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and 100% hand made.**


Activated charcoal, kaolin clay, Fuller’s earth, Rhassoul mud (Moroccos lava clay), organic dead sea mud, aloe Vera extract, peppermint oil, Australia tea tree oil, sugar(sucrose), juglans regia(walnut) shell powder, glycerin, xanthum gum.

My experience with the Black mess:

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser


Black mess comes in a matte black plastic tub with a screw top cap that shuts well. Once you open the cap, the tub is further covered with a plastic lid to stop the product from leaking. All the details are printed on the back of the tub. The safe packaging and the small size of this tub makes it quite travel-friendly. The tub looks like an actual miniature tub. It looks really cute!


This product has a really refreshing smell because of Peppermint & Tea tree essential oils. I don’t have many products with such cool & calm aroma!

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser


The colour of Black mess is as the name suggests, Jet black.

Consistency & texture:

The consistency of this product is really thick. It’s not at all flowy or runny. You have to scoop out a little amount of the product and mix it with some rose water (for oily skin) or milk (for dry skin), ideally, as suggested in the directions on the packaging. A little goes a long way with this product, so use a light hand. I was a little taken aback by how well this product spread on my face. I just took a coin size amount and it covered my whole face! I’ve been using this product since the past 3 weeks and I think it’ll last me for around 3- 4 months more as you shouldn’t exfoliate, use scrubs or masks more than twice a week.

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser

The texture of this scrub is, of course, grainy as a scrub should be. The granules are like very fine round beans (best description that comes to my mind!). But what I found different about this product is that, even though the granules are medium to larger in size, they don’t feel pointy or prickly on my skin. Instead, they feel quite nice and exfoliating in a gentle manner. This definitely takes almost all the gunk out of my pores.

Another thing I would have to comment on is the feel of this scrub on my skin. As soon as I apply it, my skin has a cooling sensation because of the presence of Peppermint and Tea tree essential oils. I’ve never bought a product with mint before so this is my first time and the feeling is really refreshing & calming. If I’m suffering a sudden onset of acne or redness or inflammation, I know which product I’m turning to. My black mess!

I always mix it with some milk before using. If I’m in a hurry or I’m just feeling lazy, I spray rose water on my face and then spread the product evenly. I let it sit for 5 minutes because I follow up with another mask. But, if you’re not using anything else let it sit on your face for 10 minutes. Then, I spray some rose water on my face and I start scrubbing in circular motions for a few minutes. Then I wash my face with some cold water. If I want to follow up with another face mask, I do, or I just apply my moisturiser after washing the Black mess off my face. It helps in reducing my redness, mild acne and almost all the blackheads are gone!  Along with feeling clean & rejuvenated, my skin actually looks brighter after washing this off. This is going to be my favourite scrub/mask for a really long time to come!

What I like about the Ryaal Black Mess:
  • Packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly.
  • The tub looks really pretty and is easy to handle.
  • The granules of the scrub are not too harsh.
  • Charcoal manages to heal the skin while cleaning it.
  • The cooling sensation actually manages to settle redness or inflammation.
  • It calms down mild acne or spots on the skin.
  • It takes all the gunk out of my pores, making it baby soft!
What I don’t like about the Ryaal Black Mess:
  • None!
Rating: 5/5

Hence, I would definitely recommend this to people with oily or acne-prone skin or people that just want something to relieve their skin of everyday gunk, dirt and harsh effects of pollution. This product does what it claims!

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