Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review

Ryaal has come up with yet another new launch!! Their product launches gets me all excited! There is not a single product from this brand that I’ve disliked yet. Not one! So I was obviously really excited for this one as well. More so that any other because of the amazing ingredient list. It legit has such a beneficial ingredient list, I was half in love before even using it. So, let’s see if it fared well on all my expectations or not. Read on for Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review!

Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review


499 for 125gms.

Shelf life:

24 months.


Mr. Beans is available on Amazon, Flipkart & Ryaal’s official website.

About the brand:

Ryaal is a skincare brand with a variety of products. Their products are 100% organic, Natural Therapeutic grade, HACCP, HALAL, ISO 9001 as well as Kosher Certified so you can always rest assured that you will get only the natural oils.

What the brand says about Ryaal Make me Glow:

Face Mask with Mysore Sandalwood, and Turmeric – For Sensitive and Ageing Skin – Brightens Skin and Repairs Sun Damage, Reduce Wrinkles and Acne Scars

Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review

What is this?

A powerful blend of Sandalwood powder, Sandalwood oil & Orange Peel to take care of your dark spots & dull skin.  Sandalwood and Turmeric also soothe skin and heal acne & acne spots. Orange Peel Powder & Almond Seed Meal scrubs away dead skin and clogged pores revealing a brighter & clearer skin. Aloe Vera & Rose Powder nourishes your skin and keep it youthful & glowy. Get instant glow for a party makeover in one use. Use regularly to enhance your complexion and maintain a permanent glow.

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Mysore Sandalwood Powder, Handcrushed Rose Petals, Wild Turmeric Root Powder, Handcrushed Orange Peel Powder, Organic Orange Oil, Sweet Almond Seed Meal, Silk-Cotton Tree Extract (Semal Chhal), Indian Madder (Manjeesta), Himalayan Cherry, Touch-Me-Not Flower (Lajwanti) , Saffron (Kesar), Kashmiri Daffodil (Nargis), Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin Clay, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis, Glycerin, Rose Petal Powder, Vitamin E


It comes in a traditional Ryaal face masks packaging; matte black plastic tub with a screw-top lid. All the details are mentioned on this tub itself. Once you open the cap, the tub is further covered with a plastic lid to stop the product from leaking. The size and the safe packaging of this product makes it very travel-friendly.

Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review

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Consistency & Texture:

The consistency of this face mask is medium to thick and the texture is a little gritty because of the presence of crushed rose petal powder which actually provides a scrubbing affect while washing it off.

My experience with the Ryaal Make me Glow:

First and foremost, I love anything that has Turmeric. It is my favourite skincare ingredient. Plus the presence of Sandalwood powder, Multani mitti, and all the other ingredients made it a favorote of mine. All of these ingredients are really helpful in polishing the skin, fading dark spots, evening out the dark spots and all around giving a glow to our skin. Hence, the name, Make me Glow!

Now, I really loved the smell of this product. It smells like the bridal face and body packs (haldi & ubtan) with Turmeric as the main ingredient, extensively used in India on brides. If you’re an Indian, you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying.

First, I scrub my face well with the Ryaal Mr. Beans scrub. I always scrub my face before using face masks as it makes the skin clean and makes the face masks deliver their effect to the fullest. After scrubbing, I apply a thick layer of this mask on my face with my fingertips. Let it sit on my face for 15-20 minutes. It’ll mostly dry up because of the presence of mud. Now I don’t just wash this off my face. I wet my hands and I slowly start massaging my face and while doing this, the gritty texture of this mask provides a really mild exfoliation. So I massage/scrub my face and then wash it off with water. I moisturise my face post washing and drying my face. I usually use the Indulgeo Essentials Wonder Facial Oil or the Palmer’s Facial Oil to moisturize.

Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review

It provides an instant glow to my face. I noticed it from the very first time I used it. It makes my skin look clean, fresh and glowy. Plus it didn’t break me out, which has been happening a lot lately. This has become my current go to face mask before any big event or special day. The combination of Ryaal Mr. Beans, Make me Glow mask and the Indulgeo essential Wonder facial oil (full review of this oil is going to be up on the blog in the next week) has become my holy grail routine nowadays. I am not kidding you guys. I’ve used this alone as well and I’ve liked the results both ways. But this three step weekly routine has been helping my skin a lot!

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What I like about the Ryaal Make me Glow:

It has amazing, beneficial ingredients for skin.

It is great for summers as it absorbs excess oil from the face.

Very easily available.

Quite affordable as well, given how effective it is.

Its natural, vegan, organic as well as halal.

Stands true to all the claims.

What I don’t like about the Ryaal Make me Glow:


Rating: 4.5/5

If you’re on a lookout for a face mask that provides glow and makes your skin clean, then this is the mask for you. This would turn out to be a best friend in times of crisis, such as dull skin 😉

I hope you found this article, Ryaal Make Me Glow Face Mask Review, helpful and all your questions were answered.

If you have any query, leave them in the comments section below.

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