Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow | Review & Swatches

Sivanna is a brand I’m literally obsessed with!! In a world, where buying good quality makeup products has become a horrendous expense, only a number of brands are delivering good quality products along with pocket friendly prices. And, Sivanna, is one of them; Especially, their eye shadow palettes and highlighters. I feel, lipsticks are very easy to find as there are a number of good quality lipsticks available with affordable price tags. But good quality eye shadows are not that easy to find if you’re on a budget. Hence, my eyes went towards Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow palette in the shade no. 04. Read on for the review & swatches!

Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow

My favourite affordable brands for eyeshades are Sivanna, Miss Claire, Sugar (they’ve just launched their eye shadow palettes and quads), Morphe (the prices are quite affordable for the enormous number of shades available), Colourpop, Makeup Geek & Nyx. Some of these brands have single eyeshades as well. Of all the brands mentioned above, Morphe, Colourpop & Makeup geek are, unfortunately, not available in India. But you can get them from Internationalmakeup_ or The_makeup_store_india on Instagram!



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Availability: The only con about this brand is the availability! Though, Sivanna is available on Amazon and Flipkart, there are very few products available online. There are a whole lot of products by this brand you can only find in stores. Even finding this brand in stores can be a task sometimes. So, if you do see this somewhere, definitely pick some things up. You can also try finding this in on Instagram. They have lots of products by Sivanna.

My Experience With The Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow Palette:

Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow


This palette comes in a 9 pan matte black case with a transparent lid which closes with a click. The size of this palette is very compact. The palette itself comes in a cardboard box that has all the details written on the back. The prettiest thing about this palette is the heart shapes engraved on the shadows in pan. It looks super pretty!

Colours & Pigmentation:

Now coming to the most important part- Colours and pigmentation! I don’t think there is anything more important in an eyeshade palette than these. Colours in this palette are really really good. All of my favourite shades are in this palette. Red, Brown, Plum, Golden and much more! Let’s see the swatches!

Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow

  1. This shade is a silvery white shade with a hint of glitter. Because, it has a glittery satin finish and looks really pretty.
  2. This is a coppery bronze shade with a satin finish. This is one of favourites from this palette!
  3. This shade is light brown with a matte finish. Can work beautifully as a transition shade!
  4. Oh my lord! This shade is amaaaaazing! It’s a super glittery gold shade. I just love playing with gold colour as an eyeshade.
  5. This shade is a dark chocolate brown with a satin finish. It doesn’t have any glitters. This is my perfect shade for creating smokey eye look!
  6. I don’t know what to say about this. Let’s just say that it’s not very good (actually, the worst shade of this palette). In the pan, it looks like a satin gold shade but it’s not pigmented at all! Just don’t expect anything from this shade.
  7. This is a rose gold shade with a super glittery finish just like the golden shade mentioned on number 4. Pretty, pretty and super pretty!
  8. This shade is perfect for wedding or festival makeup looks. It’s a red with hint of golden shimmer in it! The finish of this shade is satiny but it also has some glitters shining through.
  9. This is my most favourite shade in this palette. This was the shade that caught my eye as soon as I saw this palette in the store. It’s a deep, dark purple shade with a little satin finish. Sometimes it looks matte, sometimes satiny. But I am in love with this colour. It would be perfect for a purple smokey eye look.

Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow

Pigmentation of all the shades is amazing, except for the shade mentioned on no. 6.

Texture & Longevity:

When I bought this palette, the salesman did not allow me to swatch it before I buy it. But I had loved the colours so much that I just bought it. When I came home I didn’t even wait to click some pictures (which, by the way as a blogger, is my duty!). So I dipped my finger in and I was surprised, because I expected it to be powdery, but actually it’s creamy. It’s not just creamy feeling, it is actually a cream based eyeshadow palette. It is not at all patchy. Even on the eyes it’s super easy to work with and pretty amazing to look at. In terms of longevity, it lasted for about 4 hours on me without a primer. Even after 4 hours, it just faded a little. With a primer this would last for around 6 hours at least.

Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow


Things I like About the Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow:

Amazing colours

Superb pigmentation


Pretty & travel-friendly packaging

Lasts for a decent amount of time on the lids.

Things I Don’t Like About the Sivanna Colors Velvet Eyeshadow:


Rating: 4.5/5

I would definitely look for more shades in this range. If you do find this palette somewhere, just snag it up!


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  1. I have never heard about this brand, looks like it is new. The shades look pretty in this palette. the swatches are perfect. Love all the colors but the second bronze shade and the fourth golden shade are my favorite. 🙂 Great post!

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