Garnier Micellar Water | Review

First, let me do a happy dance!!!!! Why? Because, Garnier has finally launched their most raved about product in India! I’m talking about their Micellar cleansing water. In the past one year, every single ‘drugstore favourites’ blog post or youtube video I read or watched, this baby was on the number one of literally every blogger’s and youtuber’s list. So you can definitely imagine my excitement when I found this Micellar water in the aisle of my local Beauty Centre. There are 2 variants of this product available in India- Micellar Cleansing water & Micellar Oil-Infused Cleanser water. I’m reviewing both of them today as it would be easier for you guys to decide which one is more suitable for what needs. I did a full face of makeup to test both of these. Let’s see how they performed!

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Top Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter has finally arrived in India! Everybody is ready to pull out those long baggy sweaters from the cupboards, clean out the fireplaces but are you ready to take extra care of your skin and hair? As much as I love Winter, there are a few things I wish I could just evade. Winter is beautiful but, nevertheless, a harsh season for our skin and hair. As a result, we need to take extra care of ourselves. Take a look at my Top Winter Beauty Essentials to get your skin, hair & body balanced and mosturised throughout these months of cold weather!

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