DIY Instant Brightening Face Mask

Bright and glowing skin is always in my people! Be it before a social occasion or just a simple romantic date. Makeup looks 100 times better if your skin is bright and really healthy underneath! And, as you would have probably guessed by my previous DIY posts, I am obsessed with eventoned and bright skin! So, I made this Instant brightening face mask using some of my most favorite ingredients. Also, I wanted to keep this one really simple so you can make it in just a few minutes and be ready go to, as it is all about instant brightening. So read on to know how to make my DIY Instant Brightening Face Mask!
DIY Instant Brightening Face Mask

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Skin & Hair treatments for post Holi effects

Happy Holi everyone! I hope you all had a safe and eco-friendly Holi. But most of all I hope you enjoyed this festival of colours!  Though playing with colours in Holi is the most enjoyable experience, it can be really daunting and stressful for your skin and hair, not to mention the environment as well. The quality of the colours these days and the chemicals mixed in them are really really harmful and can have very severe effects.

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5 Perfectly Nourishing Hair Masks That You Will Love

Hello everyone, myself Roshni from Living Flawless blog, today I got to write in one of your favorite blog, thanks to Nooraina, the author of Pretty And Real. So I thought to why not write about my biggest concern; Hair. I have always faced many issues with my hairs and I’m sure it must be same with you at some point, especially in winters (few winter hair and skincare tips). So, I have brought to you my most used and loved Nourishing Hair Masks that will definitely take care of almost all your hair issues.

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Best DIY Face Mask For Brighter Skin Tone

For years, one thing I’ve always struggled with is dull and tanned skin. This is the only skin problem I’ve ever faced. My skin quality is quite good with just occasional breakouts. I’ve never suffered severe Acne issues. I have combination skin with a balanced skin structure. But tanning had become a constant problem for me. In conjunction with a few skin care changes & a few eating habits with this DIY face mask for brighter skin tone, I’ve noticed a really good change in my skin.

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Shea Butter Uses & Recipes

Last week, I did a review on an Organic Raw Shea Butter I’m currently obsessed with! Though I had already covered a lot on the topic, I wanted to do a separate post on the uses of Shea Butter and some DIY recipes to make your own skincare products at home. So, this post is going to let you know about Shea Butter uses and recipes plus the several benefits it has for our skin & hair.

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Tea Tree essential oil Uses & Benefits

Essential oils are quickly becoming my favorite products to work with. I just love playing with different flavors with different qualities! Every essential oil has it’s own individual qualities, benefits and uses. If you actually sit and research, the range of essential oils available in the market today is mind blowing! I have Lavender, Rose, Orange, lemon, Cinnamon, Camphor, Tea tree & Rosemary essential oils. Today I’m talking about the Tea tree essential oil uses & benefits. Also, some amazing and easy DIY recipes using tea tree oil!

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Homemade Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Hair Mask for deep conditioning 

I have naturally wavy/curly hair with a lot of frizz. So, naturally, I was obsessed with getting my hair silky & straight. In my quest to get silky straight hair, I’ve chemically treated my hair 3 times. At that time, my hair was really strong and thick. But after Relaxing my hair for the 3rd time, I noticed that my hair is becoming a little thin! Not drastically thin because I used to take care of my hair a lot. I used to buy the shampoos recommended by my hair stylist, I used to go for regular spas and all. But, no matter how much precaution we take, chemically treating our hair is never a good idea. So, it’s been two & a half years now since I’ve done any chemical treatment on them. I’m growing out my curls now and trying to manage them at any cost. I’m always on my quest to find the perfect products for them. But, more than finding good products for my hair type, I’m more interested in experimenting with my homemade recipes because in terms of results, nothing works for me like my homemade hair masks with ingredients from my kitchen cabinet (almost, always). The Diy hair mask I’m talking about today is my Homemade Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Hair Mask for deep conditioning dry & frizzy hair!

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DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

My love for homemade skincare is really old and ingrown! I love the rush of adrenaline I get as soon as a new recipe or combination comes to my mind. I just can’t wait to get up and start making good skin happen! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t! I’m telling you this because my blog is named Pretty And Real for the very reason, that I’m gonna be Real & honest with you guys here. I have my mess ups when trying out new recipes and I think I should start sharing those here as well. Becauuuuse, what is life without the mess ups, right? Plus it’ll give you all an idea of what not to do. So today I’m sharing a success recipe along with some steps you should take to avoid any mess ups. Today’s post is about my favourite DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub for smooth, supple & mosturised skin.

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DIY Beetroot & Sea Salt Scrub for Pigmented Lips

Most of the people in India suffer from pigmentation around their mouth and lip area; especially, pigmented lips. I have lightly pigmented lips as well since as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, everybody in my family used to say that applying lipsticks can cause lip pigmentation. But that is not the cause in my case at least. Because now I actually apply lipsticks on almost a daily basis and my pigmentation hasn’t worsened. It’s the same as it was 5 years ago when I was 18. Obviously, I don’t like it. I’m one hundred percent sure you don’t like pigmented lips as well! So I’ve made a DIY Beetroot & Sea Salt Scrub for Pigmented Lips that will get rid of all the dead skin cells on your lips while mosturising it & fighting the pigmentation as well. It worked for me and I’m sure it’ll work for you as well!
DIY Beetroot & Sea Salt Scrub for Pigmented Lips

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