Organix mantra Lavender essential oil | Review

Lavender oil is probably one of the most famous essential oil out there. It has countless uses in our skincare, haircare as well as in making our day-to-day life pleasant. I can never have enough essential oil in my stash. So, I got this Lavender essential oil from Organix Mantra. Read on for Organix mantra Lavender essential oil Review.
Organix mantra Lavender essential oil | Review

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Lavender Essential Oil | Uses

Lavender has been cherished through centuries for its refreshing aroma and heaps of benefits. In ancient times, Romans & Egyptians used Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking (never put any essential oil in your food unless it’s consumable which should be mentioned on the bottle) & as a perfume. The fragrance of Lavender essential oil continues to be its most notable qualities. Be it Lavender candles for a romantic evening, Lavender bath soak for a spa like experience or Lavender skincare products, it’s certainly one of the most loved essential oil.

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