Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser

Black Mess. The name in itself is really catchy and unique! It’s just perfect for something that has Activated charcoal as the hero ingredient. Skincare products with activated charcoal are all the hype in the market this year! Why should they not be?! I, myself, gravitate towards everything with charcoal in it. It just manages to clean out the skin by pulling the gunk out of our pores making skin baby soft and clear. It’s an ideal ingredient to look for in skincare products. Especially, if you have acne-prone skin or if you want a product to Detox skin pores. I was really excited to try this product myself; especially, after looking at the ingredient list. Charcoal​ combined with the healing powers of clay, dead sea mud, aloe vera extract, tea tree and peppermint oils and so on! Read on for the Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser!

Ryaal Black Mess Review | Mask, Scrub and Cleanser

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Ryaal’s Tea Tree Essential Oil | Review, Benefits & Uses

So a few days back I was introduced to this brand Ryaal by my sister who is also a blogger at Living Flawless. By the way, today is her birthday guys so don’t forget to wish her! So coming back to the topic, I instantly found Ryaal to be a really interesting brand and was very excited to try a few products from them. Especially, their essential oils, one of which I’m reviewing today. It’s their Tree Tree essential oil. I was looking to buy Tea tree essential oil since a really long time. Being a DIY skincare products lover, I am very much into essential oils nowadays, as they’re really really beneficial for our skin, hair as well as our health. Some of the most beneficial essential oils for skincare and hair care are Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Cinnamon, Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lemon, Orange, Frankincense, Lemongrass, Neroli & Clary sage.
Ryaal Essentials Tea Tree Oil | Review, Benefits & Uses

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5 Facial Oils to change your skin game this winter

Facials oils & serums, as opposed to mosturisers or any other skincare products, are far more concentrated and potent. They are made to penetrate the multiple layers of skin to deliver fast and instant results. Facial oils are ideal for every skin type; oily, dry, combination, acne, mature, sun damaged, irritated, normal & aging. It’s a myth that oil based products congests and clogs our pores. Because, the actual issue is mineral oils, synthetic oil and other irritating ingredients. You just have to make sure that you avoid all the above mentioned ingredients and you’ll be loving the change and nourishment that facial oils & serums will bring on your skin. You just have to choose the right type of product for your specific skin concern.

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DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub

My love for homemade skincare is really old and ingrown! I love the rush of adrenaline I get as soon as a new recipe or combination comes to my mind. I just can’t wait to get up and start making good skin happen! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t! I’m telling you this because my blog is named Pretty And Real for the very reason, that I’m gonna be Real & honest with you guys here. I have my mess ups when trying out new recipes and I think I should start sharing those here as well. Becauuuuse, what is life without the mess ups, right? Plus it’ll give you all an idea of what not to do. So today I’m sharing a success recipe along with some steps you should take to avoid any mess ups. Today’s post is about my favourite DIY Rose & Coconut Oil Body Scrub for smooth, supple & mosturised skin.

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Top Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter has finally arrived in India! Everybody is ready to pull out those long baggy sweaters from the cupboards, clean out the fireplaces but are you ready to take extra care of your skin and hair? As much as I love Winter, there are a few things I wish I could just evade. Winter is beautiful but, nevertheless, a harsh season for our skin and hair. As a result, we need to take extra care of ourselves. Take a look at my Top Winter Beauty Essentials to get your skin, hair & body balanced and mosturised throughout these months of cold weather!

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Rose Essential Oil | Uses

We often associate the smell of roses with love, romance, feminity and summer gardens! They have been adored for centuries by personalities such as Cleopatra (69 BC – 30 BC) & Josephine de Beauharnais (wife of Napoleon I)(1736 – 1814). Roses are cultivated around the world for their high value in perfumery. But, did you know that roses have way more to offer than just their strong floral fragrance? They can help us in several ways apart from being the perfect stress busters! The 2 main products obtained from them are Rose Water & Rose Essential Oil. Both of these products have their own individual purposes and qualities. Rose Water is the best substitute for skin refreshing mists and toners. However, Rose essential oil has many different benefits and uses which we’re going to talk about today, along with some DIY recipes.

Rose Essential Oil | Uses

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5 Effective Skincare Products Millennials Should Start Using

5 Effective Skincare Products Millennials Should Start Using

Guest Article by Amy Mia

The older we are, the more obsessed we become with skincare. It’s not just to stave off the signs of aging, it’s generally because skincare is kind of fun. There’s something so soothing about that daily nourishing ritual, something about knowing that you’ll wake up to a gorgeous glowing face after you’ve applied a brightening mask in the evening.

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Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash | Review

Today’s review is about the Greenberry Organic Detox Charcoal Face Wash With Tea Tree, Mulberry & Grapefruit Extract. Activated Charcoal powder has always been a part of beauty industry in terms of an active ingredient in skincare products. But this year has been a hit for charcoal. There has been a Tsunami of Charcoal based skincare products in the market! With good reasons ofcourse!

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