How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

You’ve worked hard on your body. You started exercising regularly, you’ve even changed your diet, and somehow you got yourself to make smoothies and cook more just so you could finally feel healthier and look better. But now after all this effort, you seem to have reached a plateau – what gives? Why aren’t your workouts as effective as they used to be? Well, it could be a number of reasons. From tweaking your diet, to changing up your routine, there’s a lot that you could do to increase the effectiveness and make sure you start getting the much-desired results. Need a good fitness know-how to help you figure it all out? We’re here for you, so enjoy our tips on How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level!

How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Decrease duration, increase frequency

If you exercise three times a week for a couple of hours we congratulate you on the persistence, but there’s actually a more effective way to do it. Shorter, more frequent workouts have been shown to be more effective, particularly for busy people who find it difficult to shove a 90-120 minute workout into their cramped schedule. So, instead of sparse, long workouts through the week, why not try working out every day for 30 minutes? Focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and let your body get used to being constantly active.

Have a snack

How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Pre and post-workout nutrition is very important, so you might want to consider snacking on something that contains slow-digesting carbs before you hit the gym. Fruit and oatmeal are a great choice, for example, and so is whole-wheat bread. For your post-workout snack, a protein shake that will help you build more muscle is the best choice.

Supplement your diet

Another thing that could make your workouts more effective are supplements. Combining your snack with the right type of pre-workout supplements could actually increase your endurance, help you burn more fat, and help you build more of that lean muscle mass. Look for ingredients such as creatine, taurine, beta-alanine, and caffeine for that boost of energy and readiness, and make sure you take them somewhere between 30-45 minutes before you start exercising.

Pay more attention to your technique

How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Don’t rush through the motions, don’t try to squeeze in any half-hearted reps and exercises. Focus, breathe, and do it properly – this is what makes the workout effective, and it also reduces your chance of injury.

Take a light-hearted approach

Ever been to Australia? It would seem that everywhere you look, there are hot, fit, sun-kissed people around who look like they never leave the gym. How do they manage to look so good? Well, it’s actually because their own approach to exercise is a lot more light-hearted than you can imagine: they simply pick an activity that they like, then they do it. From the volleyball on the beaches of Sydney, to popular yoga retreats in Melbourne, Aussies pick an outdoor activity and get to enjoy exercise through fun – this way it never feels like a chore.

Incorporate strength training

Cardio is great for weight loss, but honestly so is strength training. While cardio may burn more calories, strength training helps you build muscle, which in turn makes you look shapelier and gives a boost to your passive metabolism. Basically, you’ll be burning more fat even when you’re resting!

Follow a specific program

How to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

You absolutely don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on a fitness tape or a pricey program – a lot of good resources are actually completely free. Sites like Darebee have meal plans, workout plans, fitness challenges, and nutritional advice that you don’t have to pay a dime to see. They function based on donations because they think fitness should be accessible to everyone. Pick a muscle group that you want to work on, then find a program fitted to your needs. This also allows you to easily change things up when you get bored, or once you start craving a bigger challenge.

Remember, exercise is not a temporary thing to do that you can quit once you’ve reached your goal weight. It’s a lifestyle change and it’s there to keep you healthy throughout your entire life. So, find something you like doing, change it up occasionally, and enjoy yourself!

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