Top Winter Beauty Essentials

Winter has finally arrived in India! Everybody is ready to pull out those long baggy sweaters from the cupboards, clean out the fireplaces but are you ready to take extra care of your skin and hair? As much as I love Winter, there are a few things I wish I could just evade. Winter is beautiful but, nevertheless, a harsh season for our skin and hair. As a result, we need to take extra care of ourselves. Take a look at my Top Winter Beauty Essentials to get your skin, hair & body balanced and mosturised throughout these months of cold weather!


Top Winter Beauty Essentials

This face cream is a really creamy mosturiser that is really beneficial as our skin tends to get more and more drier during winters.
You can read the full review hereTop Winter Beauty Essentials
In winters, you need to make sure you’re not stripping your skin of all the precious oils every time you wash it. This cleanser is really gentle and takes care of your skin like no other.
 Top Winter Beauty Essentials
This cleanser is a cream based cleanser which is really mosturising. According to me, cream based cleansers are perfect for winters.

LipsTop Winter Beauty Essentials

Dry lips are one of the biggest issues in winters. This lip scrub will get rid of all the dry and dead skin from lips.
 Top Winter Beauty Essentials
After you get rid of all the dead skin from you lips, it’s time to splather them with a lip balm to keep them mosturised. This lip balm is a good & affordable option.


Top Winter Beauty EssentialsOGX Coconut Milk Shampoo– Rs. 590 / $5.45

Coconut milk helps in restoring and giving strength and moisture to damaged hair.

Top Winter Beauty Essentials

Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk and Almonds Shampoo– Rs.130 / $11.00

This combination is a really good option to restore your hair texture and moisture.

Top Winter Beauty Essentials

This mask is perfect to make your hair smooth and frizz-free during winters. Read full review here.


Hand creams are one of the staples that should always be in your handbag during winters to use on the go. Below are some of the options you should give a try.
Top Winter Beauty Essentials
Top Winter Beauty Essentials

FeetTop Winter Beauty Essentials

Oriflame Foot scrub– Rs.287 / $12.76
This scrub is amazing! It gets rid of all the dead skin from your feet to reveal baby soft and smooth feet.

BodyTop Winter Beauty Essentials

Dove has come out with these new body lotions in three vairiants. My favourite is definitely the Coconut Oil & Almond milk body lotion. Who doesn’t know about the goodness of Coconut for skin?! Plus it’s affordable. This is one of the top product in my Winter Beauty Essentials.
 Top Winter Beauty Essentials
Cocoa butter & Vitamin E combined in a body lotion is a heavenly combination for mosturised skin during this seeason.
Top Winter Beauty Essentials
This body wash has the goodness of Almonds and Milk, which are great mosturising agents. So swap your regular body wash with this one during winter season.

This was a list of my Winter beauty essentials. Remember, you can’t just take care of your face & hair and forget your whole body! Cold literally catches our feet first and foremost! Then our hands and then the whole body. Don’t neglect them.

I hope this article was of help to you!

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